About me

Hi again and thanks for stopping by! I’d like to share a little bit about myself so you can better understand my perspective of the world.

In short, I’m a giant nerd! (And I’m rather short in stature, too). If you’re still with me after hearing that, then let’s carry on. I’m a first-generation college student currently pursuing my PhD in chemical biology in the Greater Boston area. I completed a BS in Biochemistry from Central Michigan University. I grew up in a quaint, rural town (or “village” as it’s still endearingly referred to as) in Southwest Michigan. To put the size of my town into perspective, my HS graduating class size was ~40 students. I loved school with all my heart. I was interested in science, but also had a passion for band and art. My parents encouraged my love for reading and participation in school extracurricular activities, but it was never forced upon me. I’ve been blessed to have had numerous influential teachers in my life, from elementary school all the way through college.

Aside from my immense passion about science, I enjoy treating my mind and body well through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, and routine exercise (I have a love/ hate relationship with running). I try to carve out time for music (I’m attempting to learn how to play the cello) and watching my favorite shows (Chinese dramas). Although it’s especially difficult as a PhD student, I do think a healthy work-life balance is important to achieving your best work and being happy and healthy.

I hope this gives some insight into how I see the world through my eyes. Let the journey begin!